Pumping Up the Volume To Manage Your Stress?

Have you ever noticed that when the volume of the music is turned up in a restaurant (or your local Starbucks) that the voices of the patrons get louder?

Sadly, not only is the increasing volume a hearing-killer, but it's also a conversation-killer. The noise, rather than enhancing the experience, detracts from it.

A similar thing can occur when you are stressed. How often do you pump up your own volume in order to manage your stressors?

In order to meet the increased demands and pressures of life, you may respond by trying harder, doing more, burning the midnight oil.

There is a price to pay for this increased output of energy. It may not be felt for a number of years. Like hearing loss that occurs from being exposed to high decibel levels, there is a loss that is exerted from stress.

Fatigue sets in, decision-making is impaired, problem-solving becomes difficult, health breaks-down and death may seem more desirable than the life one is experiencing.

As you go about your day, notice whether you are turning up your volume. Does it take more to get you through the day? Being aware that this is happening is powerful information. You can then learn  and practice some techniques to change the way you do things, turning down the volume so that you live your life more elegantly.

How does that sound?

3 Replies to “Pumping Up the Volume To Manage Your Stress?”

  1. We have Cafe Coffeeday as the counterpart in India where I first met Anu about who you asked in one of your comments on my blog. The music was loud but the young people there did not seem to mind as it perhaps covered up their own sweet little nothings chats going on there. I went up to the manager and requested that the volume be turned down so that I could hear myself think. He promptly did so and we got some ambience worth paying the fancy price that we paid. The point in the metaphor is that we do not have to take something distasteful as a given and can exercise options to have the environment that suits you.

  2. Ramana,
    Yes, I have no qualms about asking to have the music turned down “a touch”. Sometimes I get looks, but I can live with that!

    Cafe Coffeeday – will have to give Google a go…

    For the record, I don’t think you’re weird at all! 🙂

    Silence, in this world of increasing noise, is a blessed thing.

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