How Do You Live a Life? Five Tips

Life - something so many of us take for granted.

We often don't appreciate our healthy bodies and our beautiful minds. We neglect to honour the power that emanates from each beat of our heart.

It is never too late to take stock and start all over again. Each moment provides us with an opportunity to rewrite the history that is our lives.

  • Learn to accept help with grace. It may be a deed, it may be money or it may be friendship. You'll have a chance to pay it forward.
  • Do something that feeds your heart and soul. A chat with a dear friend. A walk in the park. A warm cup of tea. It doesn't have to be big. This helps push the reset button on your day. It's a great stress undresser!
  • Unplug. Just for 5 minutes.If you feel you are constantly on, chances are your devices are constantly on, creating a sense of urgency, that in most cases, is not urgent. When do you get a chance to unwind?
  • Accept your weaknesses. Accept your strengths. We all bring a unique set of gifts to the world. Some of which may not be apparent until much later.
  • Realize that knowledge is not enough to effect change. Practice is also necessary.

2 Replies to “How Do You Live a Life? Five Tips”

  1. beautiful – perfect – a wonderful reminder of many things so easy to forget, and that last part about practice is spot on, really at the core

    thanks so much for this post

  2. Kayt,
    You make a good point in that we often do forget or even negate the small things, that when added up, amount to great benefits.

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