Flying Through Life

Not every plane leaves the ground.

You've done your part. Arrived on time to check-in, clear security and board your flight. You've managed to work through your pre-flight anxiety and you are now seated, awaiting take-off. Seat belt securely fastened, you look forward to arriving at your destination.

Then, it happens. The pilot announces that due to mechanical failure, this flight is cancelled and passengers are kindly asked to disembark.

Life can be a lot like this.

You prepare, sometimes diligently, then something happens that is beyond your control. Are you able to maturely handle the change in flight plans? Do you erupt in anger and burn for days or wallow in disappointment?

We can all feel discouragement, frustration or anger when things don't go our way. Some people are better-equipped to come to terms with the disappointments and set-backs that life can throw at them. Others have become so worn-down with the constant barrage of bad news that it takes less and less to abort their flight plans.

That's the cumulative effects of stress. Without techniques in place - ones that help restore, the constant activation of the stress response, is wearing, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally, as well.

Learn and apply techniques that activate the power of the heart through genuine feelings of care and appreciation. This process helps to reset the nervous system, empowering you to be the captain of your own flight. Be good to go!

7 Replies to “Flying Through Life”

  1. Marianna,
    Your message here is so important, I read it twice to absorb.

    Often, it seems, the focus in life is preparing for ‘take-off.’ We prepare, plan, prepare some more and expect the take-off to happen, transporting us happily to our destination. Perhaps that’s why often we are disturbed and shaken (as you mention, it has a ripple affect across physical, mental and and emotional), when a planned flight is delayed or even canceled.

    Your advice resonates – we can train ourselves to be the captains of our own flights, proactively preparing for interruptions, delays and changes in plans, creating a more empowering, appreciative response to the fluctuations in life.

    A meaningful blog post, as always!

  2. Marianna, the grounded plane phenomenon has been a recurring feature in my life the last twelve years. I have allowed all changes to plans to take place with equanimity and as I write this, another major change is staring at my face. It is really no big deal, if one understands that it is His will.

  3. Jacqui,
    Pilots do their regular 6 month simulator tests in order to be ready for whatever may come their way. They don’t know what program the simulator will chose and hence have to be ready for whatever.

    Just as in life – prepare but be flexible enough to allow for the turbulence and other destinations.

    Thanks for stopping by and contributing!

    I appreciate your letting me know! 🙂

    Knowing a bit about your life, I have some idea about some of the grounded “flights”.

    Not everyone is equipped to be so composed through the trials and tribulations of life.

    Have you always been able to do this?

  4. Yes. I am not superhuman. I do get upset but the rational mind kicks in and says what the hell? If you can do nothing about it, why fret. Just get on with living to the best of your ability without complaining, or do something about it!

  5. Ramana,
    Emotions convey how we feel – some people can get stuck in the transformation part. They don’t realise they can change or that they’re like a bus – another one coming along shortly.

    I guess a more appropriate question is whether you’ve become more adept at letting things go, as you march through time?

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