Face Off – Hockey and Relationships

Watching hockey is not my thing. Actually, watching any sports on television is not something you'll catch me doing. I prefer to do, rather than to watch. However, as the years march on, abetted with thirty-three years of rheumatoid arthritis, it has become a case of the mind is willing, but the flesh (or joints) are weak.

Olympic fever is something I didn't think I would catch. Surprisingly, I find myself tuning in to various Olympic events throughout the day.

I even astonished myself when I sat down to watch the Canada versus Norway hockey game on February 16th, 2010.

To my untrained eye, it was clear that Team Canada was not playing as a unit. Passes were missed, the players were not anticipating where to be and the team was definitely not in the zone.

In the second period, things began to change. Even viewing it on television, the difference was palpable. The team began to function as a cohesive group. When they did, they were able to score goals. It was a pleasure to watch them skate well and play with power and yes, even, grace.

Hockey? Grace? That is one of the beauties of skill - the ability to make one's effort seem easy and graceful.

I enjoyed watching the two Canadian games because of one major difference. They were clean games without the typical checking and fighting that usually ensues in an NHL game.

Relationships can be a lot like a hockey game. Fights. Discord. Jealousy. Excitement. Endurance. Hard work. Flow. Joy.

Are the people involved working well as a team, allowing the individual strengths of the members to shine? Or are there more face-offs and penalties which only serve to stall the relationship?

I just learned that a Power Play is when one team has a member in the Penalty Box and the other has a full complement of players on the ice. Each team will put particular players who are skilled at performing during these particular conditions.

When the team realizes that they are stronger together and practices individually and as a group, they begin to function well. The members are able to get into the zone. Even if the team doesn't come out on top, they know that they've done the best they possibly can. That's something worth celebrating.

How do you get your team working and playing well together? Are they able to easily get into the zone?

One way to accomplish this is to learn and practice stress transformation techniques. Why not opt for a clean game - one where goals are made and dreams are realized?

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  1. I do not watch the TV at all except when there is some emergency like the recent Pune Bomb blast or the Mumbai attack. Whether it is sports or news, I think that there are better things to do.

    During my working days, I have had enough of team building to last me a life time. I just want to enjoy my retirement the way it unfolds.

  2. Ramana,
    My heart goes out to all those who have lost during these acts of senseless violence.

    From all accounts you are enjoying your retirement and spreading that joy in your writing to the rest of us.

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