Poetry Pollination

Lately, I've been feeling like I'm not getting anywhere. It seems that everything I touch either falls apart, breaks, leaks or I just don't get the results I intended. I feel like running to Isolation Island, just to get away from it all.

But then, something changes - the warm wind of friendship blows in, reminding me that our intentions, when released, are not unlike bees going about their business, doing what bees are wont to do. Buzzing from flower to flower, pollinating, so that we can enjoy the fruits and flowers of their labour.

An email reminded me that sometimes things take time and that when we put it out there, it often comes back transformed.

From time to time, I stop what I'm doing and at the behest of Kayt's poetry prompts (Kayt is always so encouraging), I find myself wandering back for more, not really expecting much, just having fun.
I was surprised to get an email from Kayt, saying that she was inspired by one of my 140 poems, and could she publish it in her blog? My answer was a big, enthusiastic "YES!"

Living. Breathing.
Breathing. Living.
 Inspiritus - inspiration - spirit.
Awaken. Breathe.
Live. Now.

We're not always able to see how what we do reverberates through our lives, whether positively or negatively. Following this chain of events...

  1. Kayt posts her poetry prompt. The word is "breathe"
  2. I decide to give it a whirl and put forth my offering.
  3. Kayt is inspired to art. See what beauty she has created.
  4. I get a blog post out of it and an opportunity to reflect upon how we sometimes get to witness our releasing of intentions. That's a marvelous thing when it does happen. Many times it does not, so it's important to remember that our actions are often like icebergs.

Like a bee buzzing from flower to flower pollinating them...