Collections - reflections of a life gone by
Memories and objects, of things we hold dear
Some cherished, some discarded, some gone awry
Personal or public, it's all right here

Collections - reflections of a childhood dream
Rocks and dolls, stuffed animals and furry friends
Comfort or curiosity, building steam
Poof! Time is gone, they look through a new lense

Collections - reflections of a life well-spent
Photos and music, friends and family, too
Successes, mistakes, memories set in cement
Clear the dust, a final breath, time to renew

Loose Blog Consortium: Please visit the blogs of Conrad, David, Grannymar, Maria, Maria and Ramana to see what magic they've worked with today's topic, as suggested by Maria - collections/collecting. Ashok will not be joining us this week. Please join me in extending a warm welcome to our newest members - Helen and Judy.


7 Replies to “Collections”

  1. Marianna,
    You have captured the theme completely in your beautiful poem.

    Sometimes when I look around my home, I realize just how much of it reflects my past and how it keeps my memories fresh.

  2. I have to extend a very big thank you to the members of the LBC – it is, in part, your encouragement that has given me the courage to write and post poetry.

    I know all of you have your myriad of reasons for keeping your blogs active and have experimented with different styles. The creativity just astounds me.

    One of these days, I’ll be brave enough to do what Grannymar and Maria have done – go live! 🙂

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