Simply Shibumi

Can you describe your life as shibumi? This is a Japanese word describing the true sophistication of simple things. Everything about this concept is elegant - even the word itself; from the initial sibilant sound to the gentle, soft closing.

How shibumi is your life when it is filled with stress? Stress tends to redesign your life and make a mess. Messes are far from simple or peaceful. Before you even know it, you have taken on habits or assigned importance to things that are more complicated than simple.

When you begin to look at your values and investigate how you can live your life to support those values, extraneous things often fall away.

This is different for everyone. Some may ease off on the number of commitments they have, others may join a community group or pursue an interest in the arts. Maybe the children don't need to be in 8 different activities or you'd like to encourage everyone to contribute more to the household chores and change the way you do things as a family?

The answers are within. By listening to what is deep in your heart, you may begin to feed your soul and in the process, find the antidote to stress.

Here are some tips for you to consider if you would like shibumi in your life.

  1. Start with the heart. Smoother heart rhythms means less stress and an opportunity to "hear" that quiet voice that tells you what you really want out of life.
  2. Action. Get curious about how can honour your values, and take action, even if it's in a small way.
  3. Notice. How does it feel when you are honouring a value? Are you energized? Do you sleep better? The beauty of healing is that you often forget how badly you felt, so it's important to notice your progress.

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2 Replies to “Simply Shibumi”

  1. I think your smooth heart rhythms are also created when you do something you love. In your case writing and communicating with the world that “arrives on your doorstep.”

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