Hands of Time

These hands of mine
They've done some time

They've been gripped in such fury
Known the wringing of deep worry

For many years, they were cold
Locked in sadness, I felt old

Choking and sputtering, it was apparent
Creating and relating, they had been errant

Stress had infixed a big detour
From heart to hands, of that, I'm sure

They've known sadness and grief
But now there's hope and belief

Although my hands are deformed
My heart, my hands, they're transformed

It gives me joy, it makes me sing
Helping you ease that stress thing

I extend my hand to give you assistance
But you'll need to reach out, to cover the distance

Blending four hands and two hearts
Don't you just love those fresh new starts?

These hands of mine
They've done some time.

Every Friday, Conrad, Ramana, Grannymar, Ashok and Magpie of the Loose Blog Consortium (LBC) post on a topic suggested by one of the members. Please visit their blogs and see what wonderous words are woven around Magpie's suggestion - Hands.

11 Replies to “Hands of Time”

  1. I did not know that you could write poetry. This is beautiful for its poignancy and fits the topic to a T. Have you written other poems? If yes, why don’t you post them for all of us to share?

  2. Poetry is a skill I never could manage. But good poets are hard to come accross these days and you are obviously very good 🙂 Marvellous would still not quite be adequate to convey just how nice the poem was.

  3. I’ll write a poem about a hand.
    Tho’ I think my poem will be bland.
    Good poems aren’t at my command.
    Unlike that of Mariann (a).

  4. I am truly overwhelmed with all your kind comments.

    The funny thing is, I didn’t even like poetry. I have to thank Twitter and @poetwist for gradually breaking down my defenses (and dislike) to arrive at this point…where I’m brave enough to write and post a poem!

    The genesis of this foray in poetry began here: http://budurl.com/r6j5

    Be careful with all that encouragement; a poetic monster may be unleashed! LOL!

  5. BHB,
    I love it! Especially your, “Make it work!” attitude at the end.

    Welcome! I’m pleased to meet you. I never thought of it like that – “…saying the most with the least amount of words.”

    I think we may have to rename our consortium to M.A.C. > Mutual Admiration Consortium!

  6. nicely done Marianna 🙂 I too, hope to see more poems from you – This, is a really touching piece of writing, your genuineness just shines through! And, I love how this makes me think of and appreciate my hands in new ways.

  7. Kayt,
    How wonderful to hear that you have appreciation for your hands!

    Speaking of appreciation – thanks to you, I’m discovering that I am looking at poetry in a whole new light!

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