A Twitterin’ Surprise

Bring 'em on, I say! The more, the better. I love them! They make life interesting and brighten up one's day. I love the fact that it often involves secrecy and planning to pull them off.

What am I talking about? Surprises! They've always been a positive experience for me.

Recently, I had a lovely surprise - one I didn't see coming, which makes it all the more enticing. Daniel Brenton, a Twitter neighbour, generously offered me a free Twitter background. What a gift from the heart - there goes that "Reverberational Effect" again! A huge thank you for this, Daniel!

And, he didn't just stop there. The next day, I received images for my website. Daniel is no stranger to the Reverberational Effect, although it takes a different form. Check out his Gratitude Watch. Wouldn't this be a nice feature on the nightly news?

Here's the thing about surprises. Ask around and you'll find that some people dislike them. The unpredictability and the lack of control of both themselves and the situation can be scary.

This fear often has its genesis at a much earlier time when a surprise had a bad outcome - one that caused emotional or physical pain of some sort.

The amygdala is a gland that is responsible for strong emotional memory (fear or anger). An event that has significant impact is remembered by the amygdala. When an event that is similar (doesn't have to be an exact match) to the initial event occurs, the amygdala sounds the warning and the body promptly goes through the stress response - flight or fight. It happens so quickly that we don't have time to logically think things through and reason that this event is not the same as the initial one. The 1400 chemical changes that occur add to our feelings of discomfort. As a result of not feeling so great, it reaffirms the belief that we "don't like surprises".

Learn how to change this cascade with techniques that are do-able in the moment, so you can change how you feel about what I consider to be one of life's joys.

  • Has your life been negatively impacted by this dislike of surprises?
  • Have you secretly longed to get over this?
  • What would this mean to you and your family and friends?

Please contact Daniel for more information if you're interested in a graphics package - Twitter background, logo, letterhead, business card design, etc.

Image: When I asked Daniel about the source, he stated, "The images were from a CD of public domain photography I've had for years. I think most of the people photos have fashions from the 1980s ... but nature, fortunately, is always in style." That is a wonderful thing!

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  1. Daniel was so kind enough to engineer a BG for my Twitter page too, also a welcome surprise! Nice to have something unique like that, and also nice to find good people on here for sure. Gratitude indeed!

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