Surrey Speechmeisters’ Stars!

Haely Lindau and Tim McKinnon are fellow members of the Surrey Speechmeisters Toastmasters club who are representing our club at the Area 60 International Speech and Evaluation Contest.

Tim speaks with enthusiasm and clarity and engages the audience with his positive messages that serve to lift everyone's spirits during the hour that we meet.

Haely's evaluations are always a gift - both to the person being evaluated and the rest of the club who get to benefit from her positive and constructive comments.

Haely and Tim both speak from the heart, which, when we listen, never steers us wrong.

I look forward to seeing the curtain rise on these 2 stars on Wednesday, March 25th at Surrey City Hall.

Update: I just came home from a very close Speech and Evaluation Contest. Suffice to say that the stars were shining tonight and not only in the sky! Heartfelt congratulations to both Haely and Tim, who won their respective contests and now progress on to the Division F Contest! Bravo!