Mind Your Mantra

This post from Grammar Tip of the Day started me thinking about the mantras we unconsciously use as we go about our day.

What oft-repeated phrase are you saying to yourself? Is it resourceful? Would you say it to someone else? Does it make you feel good about yourself?

If not, perhaps you are in need of mantra maintenance? The first step in modulating your mantra is to become aware of what it is you are saying to yourself. It may help to know that the negative self-talk (or mantra) results in very different heart rhythms that over time, leave you feeling old, worn-out or ill. In other words, it creates stress in your body.

Why do that to yourself? How have those negative mantras improved your life? If you are still repeating them, there's a good chance that the change you were looking for hasn't occurred.

Start 2009 by learning how to activate the power of your heart to create mantras that are life-enhancing.

Available: 5 one-hour weekly telephone sessions or The Anti-Stress Starter (mini program).

13 Replies to “Mind Your Mantra”

  1. And, do you focus & finish?

    If so, I’d say it’s specific enough.

    I like that one, by the way!

    A new twist on Thomas the Tank! 🙂

  2. I love your post! I love the term “mantra maintenance.” For me, I worked for many years as an attorney and my mindset is to be in solution mode aka worry mode and mull over client issues in my head all day long and make sure I have not missed any detail. That has been much of my mind work.

    Now I am in a very different space. Still helping others as a coach but my creativity is on all the time. I write a lot and I also do a lot of social networking.

    So actually I have not been focused on my mantra.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. So for 2009, I am going to start out with a mantra.

    Hmmmm, lets see…….

    happy, happy, happy! may work for me given what I teach on happiness!



  3. Thanks, Iyabo!

    I think the key is to be flexible enough to change our mantras. as needed.

    What comes to mind is what is often said about the people in our lives: a season, a reason or a lifetime.

    Personally, my old mantras – the ones that limited me are pretty much gone. Oh, they make an appearance every now & then; perhaps just to let me know how far I’ve come.

    So, here’s to your 3 H’s!

  4. Marianna, I’m so happy for your comment on my blog. When I read it I thought “this person really sounds like she knows what she’s talking about” then I saw stress coach on your profile! It’s difficult for me to read your blog when it discusses physical consequences of stress because of my health obsessions.

    I sure could use some coping strategies and stress reducing exercises though and it looks like this is the place to come for that! Thanks again for the thoughtful and helpful comment.

  5. I have been told to repeat that I am a good person, doing good things and that I matter in life.

    It’s not easy, but I believe it’s well worth trying.

    Happy new year!

  6. Kayla, my one suggestion is to start looking at health differently. It’s a shift in perspective. Rather than paying attention to what’s not working – what is working?

    This doesn’t happen overnight & requires patience, determination, awareness, knowledge & application.

    Bobbyboy, do you believe those things, when you say them? It may be too big of a jump…perhaps breaking it down to a smaller chunk would make it more plausible?

  7. Actually Marianna, I don’t believe them when I say them or don’t say them. I try to keep a positive attitude about everything and think it’s well worth reinforcing positive things; I do good things for charities (I’m a caring person), I am kind to others and compassionate to those in need (I’m kind and compassionate) etc.

    This is what a therapist told me to realize and remind myself everyday.

    It may be too big a chuck yet, I don’t know?

  8. Something to keep in mind, Bobbyboy: Change takes time, determination, awareness, knowledge & application.

    One of the biggest things to help me make my own shift has been learning how stress impacts our emotional, mental & physical health.

  9. Thanks Marianna,

    Learning patience was hard for me, but I have a better handle on it now. I have learned many of the impacts of stress in my life. It’s the changing of my mind-set that becomes the challenge as well as some habits.

    But, patience will get me there 🙂

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