All Aboard!

railway stationThe "worry train" is leaving the station and the conductor is trying to drag me on board. This time I know where this train doesn't go and I am making a different choice.

How often do you get aboard the worry train and depart on a journey that has no destination, even though you may think it does? When you worry you are tricked into thinking that you are problem-solving. If that were the case, money problems would disappear, the kids would always do the right thing, the job situation would improve and life would get better.

Signs of worry:

  1. You go to bed at night and you have trouble sleeping because you are replaying the events of the day.
  2. You fall asleep and you awaken several times during the night to think about a current problem.
  3. You are driving and you find yourself endlessly thinking about a situation that you are trying to resolve.
  4. You are at the gym or on a walk and are rehearsing a conversation over and over and over in your head.

Chronic worry wears out the nervous system and leaves you feeling exhausted. Many people (I was one of them) have no idea how much time is spent on the "worry train." Find out more by reading Transforming Anxiety: The Heartmath Solution for Overcoming Fear and Worry and Creating Serenity.

Worry is a learned habit and that is good news because it means that you can unlearn it, provided you have a replacement behaviour.

Did you know that by simply transforming those worry thoughts, you are improving your emotional, mental and physical health? Please contact me to learn some easy-to-apply and effective replacement behaviours.

In fact, by Christmas, you'll be ready to hop on a different kind of train - The Polar Express!