The Funnel of Life

Big Hole or Small Hole?

I've been having lots of fun noticing the coincidences that pop up in my life. This can be attributed to the fact that I'm far less stressed. When we transform our stress it's the equivalent of looking through the narrow end of a funnel; the view becomes much broader.

One coincidence I've noticed over the past few weeks is the number of conversations I've had with people from the U.K., both face to face and through cyber-space.

Nigel Morgan of Morgan PR (@Nigel_Morgan) left very enthusiastic and engaging comments on LinkedIn and also on this blog, in an earlier post.

I've also had a bit of a fun cyber chat with Stephen Baker - a life adventurer who is about to set out on his mortorcycle "Three Tea Tour" to South America. He is stopping at 4 pm each day to share "3 cuppas" with a local who agrees to be filmed as they drink the obligatory 3 cups. To quote Steve, "Cup one is an introduction, cup two is sharing understanding and cup three is friendship." Love the ring of that, don't you?

Locally, there's Kathrin Hardie (@coffee_offline) who is a business "chameleon" and marketer extraordinaire, which makes her the ideal person to call to step in when you are away from your business or if you wish to step onto the world's stage.

Earlier in the week at Wolfe Langley Mazda I had an interesting conversation about British murder mysteries with an ex-pat Scottish fellow.

Finally, there's my vicarious travels with the famous Micheal Palin, who exhibits such a spirit of adventure, regardless where he may find himself. (This one doesn't actually count as having had a conversation, but it would be fun if I did ever meet him. Suffice to say he "talks to me" and how ever many other viewers each week on television!)

What this means is not yet apparent, but if it's a trip to the U.K., I'm ready to pack my bags! Or, to quote my niece, "Oh boy! Let's go!"

My point is that if you pick up a funnel and look through the big hole your view is narrow in scope. Living in chronic stress will restrict your vision just as looking through the broad end of the funnel does. I know that I don't want to miss those wonderful, serendipitous (Nigel's favourite word!) opportunities now that they are becoming a regular part of my life.

The great news is that you can easily turn your funnel around to look through the small hole, just as you can easily learn to turn your stress around.

Just like hotel rooms, life is better with a view!

2 Replies to “The Funnel of Life”

  1. Doesn’t Marianna say the nicest things?!

    I was drawn to contribute to a searching question she posted on LinkedIn and our conversations have flourished from there.

    She is definitely right though about ‘coincidences’ occuring when you are less stressed.

    The consequences of being calm and balanced are manyfold and spotting delightful opportunities is just part of that.

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