Whatcha Sayin’?

I was speaking with a client about how words have power. Just by mere mention of the word "vaccine," she was able to witness how quickly her heart rate changed on the emWave (educational technology). Conversely, when we started talking about things that enriched her life she saw that those words also had an impact on her heart rhythms, affecting her physiological response (pulse rate, breathing, muscle tension, etc.).

Ironically, I came across this post on Brooks Clark's blog - Grammar Tip of The Day - "Select words with due regard to their connotation (power of suggestion)." He is making that very point:

"Words are feelings, emotions, sensations, ideas....they have the power to suggest varied associations."

Which, as in the case of my client, the word "vaccination" had a bad connotation and resulted in a physiological change - a stress response, which can lead to chronic health concerns and a loss of well-being, if left unchecked.

Here's something to try: First, make a list of the 10 words that you don't like. Read them and notice your response to those words. Now, make a list of the 10 most beautiful words you know. Reflect upon them and notice how you feel. What's different?

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