Not Always A Message In A Bottle

I'm always amazed at what happens when we start paying closer attention to our lives. Quite often we get what we need - whether it be a lesson, some information or encouragement. These messages can take many forms - you may hear the same thing from several people with whom you interact, or read something that is just what you need or hear something in a more formal situation.

Several weeks ago at The Centre for Positive Living, Reverend Terry talked about "power" and how we often want to control things, people or events. This is one of life's greatest lessons - learning that the only person we can truly control is our self. When we understand that and work from the inside, we are better able to positively affect our environment and in the process, lower our stress levels.

One of the best ways to do this is to use the power of the heart. When we start listening to our heart, many of our internal systems start to align with what is in our heart. Research is showing that not only is listening to our heart good for us emotionally, but mentally and physically as well.

Our heart is the strongest organ in the body and when we allow it to influence our brain wonderful changes start to occur. Among them, we begin to quiet the stresses and learn to be "okay in the moment", regardless of what is going on around us which, incidentally, was the topic for the following week.

Next time you're out and about, don't wait for a message in a bottle; it could come from any number of sources providing you with what you need to hear and do. By activating the power of your heart, you are able to receive that message without any interference.