Chronic Illness and Stress

From time to time I wonder why I'm the only one of my siblings to get rheumatoid arthritis. Yes, it is present on the paternal side, so there's the genetic component. Growing up on a farm where all manner of pesticides and herbicides were used didn't help either. Recently, I've come across evidence that working/swimming in pools that use chlorine can have an effect on immune function. Three strikes there.

I think one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle was presented to me when I read The HeartMath Solution - the book that was the catalyst for this new venture of mine. Plain and simple stress - the way in which I internalized everything and literally, took it to heart.

I know since making some changes by using the HeartMath® system, my flare-ups have been far less frequent and my pain management skills have increased. I also have better lab results. It is so much easier for me to go about my day, which allows me to do more of what I choose to do.

For those of you who are of the reasons my hands (and those of any person with RA) look the way they do is because the inflammation has led to the dislocation of the fingers. As you can imagine, it is painful to give a firm handshake, or even open a door or a bottle of water - things many people take for granted.

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