Pet Peeve

I have a pet peeve...well, actually, I have a few of them. The one I'm writing about today is about locked doors. Double doors that are locked.

How many times have you tried to enter or exit a building and have chosen the door that is locked? This is not only an incovenience, but for someone with mobility issues, it hurts and makes life that much more difficult. Plus, I would think that it's a fire-hazard.

I started thinking about pet peeves and how we get annoyed...all those little annoyances add up and if someone has a lot of pet peeves, well, you can see how the day can be ruined.

So, what's behind the pet peeve? My guess is that one reason has to do with wanting things our own way. We become irritated because we have to stop what we're intent on doing because something isn't working the way it should. For some people, it could be squeezing the tube of toothpaste at the top (how dare he?) or getting wet socks (change 'em, I say.)

Another reason could have to do with frustration because things aren't as efficient as they could be. We see a way that could streamline things (in our humble opinion).

Are pet peeves such a bad thing? It do you feel when you have a p.p.v.? (pet peeve violation) Do you let it roll off or is it something you stew about? If it's the latter there's a very good likelihood that you are under considerable stress.

I've noticed that my list of pet peeves has certainly shortened, mainly because I've filled up my "stress cushion".