Earth Day

Image courtesy Barun Patro

I'm truly amazed at how advertising works. It seems that almost everyone is on the 'green' band-wagon. The lessons (and sometimes lectures!) we received growing up would make any greenie proud.

My mother, who grew up in Europe during WW II, never forgot the lessons she learned in war-time. Shortages made it a necessity to become inventive, whether it be with meals, clothing or household items.

My father, always concerned with costs, never took unnecessary trips because gas cost money. Lights and appliances had to be turned off when we weren't in the room. Heat was kept low. "Put on a sweater, if you're cold!"

It's funny how what goes around comes around. Those voices of my parents are now all around me whenever I pick up the paper, turn on the television or listen to the radio. Back then I never thought my parents would be ahead of their time!