I have premature hearing loss, most likely due to the following factors: genetics, working for almost two decades in noisy swimming pools, teaching in classrooms with tiled floors and no noise cushion and years of taking acetaminophen and ibuprofen to manage the pain of rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

The impact of this is that sounds in a certain frequency are inaudible while sounds in another frequency become amplified and extremely and unbearably loud.

One of my great joys is going to the pool to swim. I've taken to wearing ear plugs because of the volume of the radio - being young, the lifeguards like the music loud. Oh, if they only knew what awaits them decades down the road of life!

Anyway, despite the earplugs and the bathing cap, I found the music still irritating. It seemed with every length, I was getting more upset. Yes, I ask the lifeguards to turn it down a notch, which most of them will do. On that particular day, one wasn't close enough to ask.

I decided to do the technique as much as possible and after my swim was done, I realized that the loud music did not become the focus of my swim. Instead, I left the water feeling calm and energized.

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