We All Get Old One Day, We Hope!

It has been approximately ten months since I've started visiting an eighty-four-year-old woman who is a resident of a Care Facility. Last Christmas, I decided to give the 'gift of reading' to an individual who did not have any family to support them.

As time has passed, I've come to cherish these visits for so many reasons - initially, it was the opportunity to re-read some of my favourite books. Now, I truly enjoy being able to provide some much-needed distraction and attention to this quick-witted woman. She is also full of wonderful advice. Surprisingly, I feel as if I'm getting more out of these visits than she is.

It does my heart good to be able to do this simple thing for her. It also makes me realize how fortunate I am in still having my "freedom." Something that is diminished when one is a resident in a Care Facility.

My suggestion for anyone who is in need of a "feel good" activity: go to a Senior's Facility and ask to see who would benefit from some regular visits. Remember, we all get old one day with any luck and we may be in a position where we need some attention and friendship.