Traffic and Stress

Driving to and from work is a bit easier in the summer months, despite the endless construction. With the advent of September, the rush is on.

I used to be a Stage 2 Road Rager. I would constantly be muttering and yes, sometimes swearing at the traffic because it wasn't going how I wanted it to go. Imagine that!

What changed it all for me was learning that when we get angry, we are left with the side-effects of the stress hormones for up to thirteen hours.

Meanwhile, that nice (one would assume) but unobservant person you wanted to let in to your lane goes merrily on his way and you, the driver, is left to deal with the detrimental effects of untransformed stress.

Repeat this frustrating or maddening pattern a few times on your morning commute and you're in a "fine" mood for work.

Learn techniques from Auntie Stress (that's me!), to make that commute easier for you and your passengers!