Why Writing Resumes for Short Attention Spans Devalues Your Experience by Jacqui Poindexter

In this article, Jacqui explains why it is important to paint your career experience using all the colours in your work history palette. To help you see the whole picture, she further illustrates her three examples: context matters, culture matters and robust matters.

On Your Electronic Devices, Attention Span and Stress, read about five things you can do to maintain your ability to focus.


Transform Your Life with KonMari Decluttering by Dorlee Michaeli

Dorlee made her debut on LinkedIn with this article, which has received a lot of attention. If clutter is over-taking your life, you may wish to use joy as a powerful agent for change.


Exercise and that's all? by Bronnie Thompson

I love the points that makes about exercise and how she uses it to "zone out from words". With movement she thinks about her body in a different way - a shift in perspective that can take exercise from drudgery to joy.

Speaking of exercise, see  Tips for When You Don't Want to Exercise for 9 tips to help you get up off the couch, plus some movement classes you may wish to sample. Find out how your school experiences may be keeping you from moving.

Nature Photography

Texas dandelion backlit

Check out this beauty! While you're here, you may wish to look at more of Steven's exquisite nature shots. Do some Forest Bathing and see what wonders of nature you can capture with your camera.


How to Find and Afford Organic Food in your Area by Tiffany

I often think if you get even one good idea from a blog post, you've been gifted. Well, it seems like Christmas has come early, especially after reading this blog post.


Hot Springs in Canada by BoomerGirl

Here, BoomerGirl shares a bit of her early life, while introducing you to the hot springs of British Columbia. If B.C. is in your travel plans, you may wish to include a soak, or many soaks, in nature's bathtub.


How Praise Can Help Strengthen Strengths by Liz Kislik

Liz shares an activity and insights that she did with a group of middle managers. How comfortable would you be during this exercise?