There are lots of resources dealing with the causes of stress and how our reactions can create more stress. Here is selection of articles I was commissioned to write that may be of interest to you:

Self-Care Is Not Selfish

by Marianna Paulson | reprinted by the U.S. Pain Foundation with permission from

Self-care is an important strategy for everyone. If you live with a chronic illness, please don't negate or neglect this vital part of your treatment plan.

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10 Reasons Not to Judge Me

by Marianna Paulson | reprinted in The Moisture Seekers by the Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation

We all tend to pass judgment to varying degrees and in a variety of situations based upon what we see, hear, or experience. As we zoom to assume, there can be long-term repercussions that are hurtful and harmful. Share this list of ten reasons not to judge those of us with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) with your family, friends, and colleagues to foster consideration and compassion about what it’s like to live with RA.

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Promises, promises - is stress keeping you from delivering?

by Marianna Paulson | Update Magazine for Certified Management Accountants

One of the things that has become apparent to me in my business dealings is that some people have trouble keeping their promises. “I’ll get back to you with that information.” “I’ll call you and see how you like xyz.” “I’ll email you with my report.”

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Come Here, Go Away

by Marianna Paulson | Biznik

Dependent upon which source you refer to, between 55 and 93% of all messages are communicated non-verbally. What are you saying to your customers through your words and actions? I know these people genuinely want to follow up. They really do mean it when they say it. However, as an independent business owner, there are many hats to wear. How do you do it all and remain sane?

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Guest Auntie Stress Talks About the Stress of a Job Loss

by Marianna Paulson | guest post on G. L. Hoffman's blog, What Would Dad Say

“I’m sorry, but we’ll have to let you go.” Words, that when first heard, can cause one to wonder if they even heard them at all. Once it sinks in that you are being terminated from your job, you experience a myriad of other thoughts and emotions. How will I tell my family?  What am I going to do?  Who is going to hire me at this age? How will we live?  What will we do without the benefits package?

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Rheumatoid Arthritis: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

by Marianna Paulson | guest post on Foot Solutions - Vancouver Feet Blog

When you live with a chronic, debilitating disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, it can be downright difficult to step into life - joints ache and deform, muscles tighten, ligaments and tendons loosen, and, on occasion, organs can be involved. That’s just on the physical side. There’s often a huge emotional and mental price tag, too.

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Does the Way You Twitter Cause You Stress?

by Marianna Paulson |

Anyone who has spent more than 5 minutes on Twitter recognizes that blue bird. And, like any bird, it began life as an egg. Fortunately, one that didn’t crack and end up scrambled! Just as in life, there are stages of learning and growth on Twitter. My invitation to Twitter came from that brilliant international branding bird @coffee_offline who said, “Just Do It! You’ll love it!.” (I’ll leave it to you to delve into her background!)

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