It’s Gadget Tuesday . . .

You are cordially invited to visit A Rheumful of Tips, where you have the opportunity to participate in a four-part giveaway, courtesy of Starfrit. At the end of the series, one person will walk away with four kitchen gadgets. Be sure to leave a comment on all four posts for four entries.

On Gadget Tuesday Giveaway: A Gripping Tale—er —Tool, you’re asked how you like dem tomatoes, or is it tomahtoes?
For those who don’t know, A Rheumful of Tips is my year-long daily blogging project where I offer up tips, strategies and occasionally, guests and giveaways, all to help you move through life with rheumatoid arthritis. (Just to be clear, the guests aren’t given away! 😉 ) Only one-hundred and forty-seven days left to go!
Here’s a little secret: There’s another great giveaway on Thursday, the 26th of April.
I hope to see you over there!